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Who are we?

Sentron SRL is a Romanian capital company based in Cluj County, Huedin, with national coverage, specialized in the provision of services in the field of application of synthetic resin flooring (industrial, conductive, antistatic, antibacterial epoxy resins, soundproof, comfort, decorative, sporting, and polyurethane mortars) – both new flooring and existing flooring repairs.
The company was established in 2006 and has been working intensively in the field of flooring since 2010 with a growing team to serve the most efficient customer requirements.
We provide complete services from consulting – to choose the right finishing, to materials procurement, flooring, and post-warranty services, ensuring the durability of unfinished flooring.
We guarantee the flooring performance based on the quality of the materials used and on the basis of the experience of certified applicators by our partners.
We are partners with STO AG Germany, Sika, BASF, and Conica.
Also, the application teams are equipped with high-performance machines, which enable the preparation of very large substrate surfaces, so that the application of the flooring is carried out in the most optimal conditions.
We make flooring with high-quality, odorless, highly wear-resistant products that meet European standards.
Through our accumulated experience, we can quickly schedule the work, taking into account the client’s work schedule.

The structure of the company consists of:

  • Application teams, each team having a Team Leader, to correspond with the Production Manager and the Site Chief, with a view to collaborating as efficiently as possible.
  • A surface preparation team (Sanding, Milling, Polishing)
  • Personnel for machine maintenance
  • Production manager
  • Sales executive
  • Head of Procurement/Transport
  • Assistant manager
  • General manager
To whom do we address?

Individuals and legal entities, ensuring diversity and quality in the offer, consultancy and promptness in execution.

Quality quarantee

Quality quarantee

EpoxyFloor complies with the Integrated Quality Management System. We hold the following certificates: ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001.

What do we offer you?
  1. Consultancy and counseling at the design stage to choose the right solution
  2. Making the offer for the execution, based on customer consultation on surface requirements, utility and surface analysis
  3. Providing the complete package of both materials and workmanship, after configuring them according to the customer’s need, for a quality result
  4. Post-commissioning, floor-monitoring, and maintenance services
  5. Maintenance services
  6. Reconditioning of floors after the period of physical wear
  7. Flooring insurance
What does it recommend us?

Application of epoxy and polyurethane floors

Last generation tools and machines

Experience in the application of epoxy and polyurethane floors

Diverse and quality offer

Specialized teams in application, execution and maintenance

Diverse and quality offer

Guaranteed quality of work done

Promptness to work

We are enjoying collaborations with ...

Our company is one of the few companies in Romania with real experience in the application of epoxy and polyurethane floors.


Performing the best quality work

Satisfaction of modern technical and aesthetic requirements

Offering services at the highest standards and affordable prices